This is a complimentary 45-minute consultation that takes place either by Skype or FaceTime. During this time I’ll explain how hypnosis works and answer any questions that you might have about hypnotherapy. You’ll tell me the issue that you’d like treatment for and we’ll discuss your objectives. I’ll also tell you the number of sessions that will be required to address your specific issue.

Before we meet for your first hypnotherapy session, you’ll be required to read and sign a ‘Disclosure and Consent Form’. So you can rest assured that anything of a personal nature that you share with me will be held in the strictest confidence.


Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy sessions are conducted in person and are 1.5 hours in duration. Each of your sessions begins with a review of your past week and a chat about any insights you’ve had as a result of your therapy. I always carefully consider your feedback and utilise it to shape the content of your subsequent session.

The remainder of your session is spent in the pleasant and relaxing trance state of hypnosis. You’ll be aware of my voice, but might not always remember everything that I say. You won’t fall asleep, but you might drift in and out, as if daydreaming. When I bring you out of the hypnotic state you continue to feel deeply relaxed, but are alert and ready to go about your day.

Because no two clients are alike, each and every session is crafted to suit your individual needs and requirements.