Hypnotherapy and PD

One of my specialities as a clinical hypnotherapist is working with clients who live with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s. My objective is to improve the quality of my PD clients’ lives by addressing both their psychological and physical symptoms.


One of the first questions that I’m asked is how many sessions will be necessary. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to that question as it depends upon both the client’s condition and expectations. If the client has tremor as a symptom and would like the tremor reduced, then that could be accomplished in perhaps a few sessions. Because every client is different and the severity of the symptoms vary, more sessions might be necessary in order to see significant change.


However, while the reduction in tremor is encouraging, in the long term it contributes very little to improving the overall quality of the client’s life. The one factor above all else that impacts the quality of life for someone living with Parkinson’s is their mental and emotional attitude towards their condition. As it will significantly affect improvement in all other areas, I always address the psychological aspects of the condition at the very outset.


When I see a Parkinson’s client for the first time, I see someone whose life has been drastically changed by the diagnosis. There is always the sense of having lost control of one’s life and of being at the mercy of the medical system. This is one of the reasons that complementary therapies such as hypnotherapy have become so popular among those with life-changing conditions such as Parkinson’s. Hypnotherapy provides a sense of regaining control over one’s life because it puts the client back in the driving seat. With regard to coming to terms with the condition, this constitutes a very positive and important first step. The switch from complete dependency upon the medical system to self-directed proactivity is extremely empowering.


Firstly, I address the stress and anxiety that inevitably accompany a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. It can make a remarkable difference just to be able to bring stress levels under control. It’s a fact that when clients presenting with tremor are in a deep level of relaxation, as they are when in hypnosis, the tremor subsides.


In conclusion, it’s impossible to prescribe a set number of sessions for Parkinson’s clients in the way that I can for smoking cessation or weight loss. I’ve treated some Parkinson’s clients for a few weeks, several for many months, and others for over a year. Obviously, the longer the period of time a client is willing to commit to, the more likely they are to experience significant improvement. As I realise finances are often a consideration, I offer special rates for clients who wish to receive treatment beyond the recommended 6 week minimum.


Please contact me if you have further questions and would like to arrange a ‘no obligation’ complimentary consultation.


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