Acting Excellence


This two-part product uses hypnotherapy to give you that creative edge you’ve been searching for.


Please be sure to download each product to your computer or mobile device before listening.

There are some actors who are born into this world breathing the rarified air of excellence.  Everything they do seems easy and effortless… and it is, because true excellence is finding the path of least resistance and entering the zone. Are you an actor seeking another dimension to your craft, one that will give you that creative edge? 

In ‘Acting Excellence’ I guide you into a deeply relaxed state in which I utilise a powerful combination of imagery, imagination, and metaphor to help you unlock the limitless creative potential of your subconscious mind.

The ‘Introduction to Acting Excellence’ introduces concepts and ideas which will condition your subconscious mind to more effectively receive the suggestions for excellence that are contained within the ‘Acting Excellence’ recording.

As a performer, you know that your best work occurs when you enter that slipstream of inspired creativity.

Acting Excellence awaits!