I have chronic fibromyalgia and sleep had eluded me more often than not. Since listening to Peter’s ‘Sound Asleep’ with my headphones right before bed, I’ve experienced the best sleep I’ve had in ages! Initially I focus on the music, and by the end both words and music meld together. Pure bliss. Thank you!      

D.S. accounts manager


I work in a very stressful industry and at times struggle to relax. Peter’s recordings have helped me to calm down before stressful meetings and at the end of a long day. He has a gentle but authoritative voice which makes him very easy to listen to. I would most certainly recommend them!      

B.C. TV and stage actor


Having suffered with chronic heel pain for months I began to listen to Peter’s ‘Pain-Free’ MP3. I experienced almost immediate relief and was able to finally begin rehabilitation work. I continue to listen to the recording weekly and am delighted to be planning my return to normal activities.      

M.D. accountant