Even with over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, I always had that moment of nerves and anxiety before a performance. It didn’t matter whether I was about to step in front of a camera or onto the stage facing an audience of 1600 people. Not only has Peter helped me to focus and bring calm into my inner space, he’s also taught me how to relax in a way I hadn’t previously been able to achieve.       

T.J. West End actor


Peter is very professional, neutral and discreet, and I can only assess him in the highest terms from the results I have experienced through his care. His expertise has enabled me to find the strength to leave an overwhelming situation and make changes in my life that continue to bear fruit. My sessions with Peter have given me the tools to go forward, thinking my way out of the negative into the positive.      

C.R. media sales consultant


Since I began regular sessions with Peter, my discipline and overall focus have improved noticeably. I feel more motivated in training, more confident in competition, and free from performance anxiety. The work that Peter has done with me has definitely given me the psychological edge in my journey towards peak performance.      

G.S. professional athlete