Writer’s Block

All writers at some point in their lives have suffered from writer’s block. Whether you’re an amateur or professional writer, a blogger or a screenwriter, you know how it feels. It can be paralysing and devastating. It not only brings your creativity to an abrupt halt, but it can also create self-doubt in your ability … Continued


Stress is pervasive and epidemic. We all experience stress as it’s an unavoidable part of modern living. However, when you find yourself unable to cope with the level of stress in your life, this is when it negatively impacts your mental and physical health.   Stress is the result of the fight/flight response being activated … Continued

Stage Fright

At some point in your career, most of you who perform on the stage are going to be affected by stage fright. And it’s how you respond to this challenge that will inevitably determine the level of success you’ll achieve. It may be that you’ve always struggled with stage fright in some form, or that … Continued

Sports Performance

The most overused cliche in professional sport is that 90% of performance is mental. If this is the case, why is it that most coaches and athletes spend the vast majority of their time working on the physical aspects of their sport? They almost always neglect the one area that ultimately separates elite athletes from … Continued

Public Speaking Nerves

For some of us, the very thought of speaking in public can cause an extreme physical and emotional reaction. Many of us have a genuine fear of speaking in public, with research suggesting that it’s one of the most common fears in the UK. Three thousand adults were asked in a survey to list their … Continued

Psychology of Acting

For actors, it isn’t just the everyday stresses of auditions and competing for roles that are a strain. There are also some little understood psychological challenges they face throughout the course of their careers.   It seems that the greatest accolade an actor can receive these days is to have it said that he or … Continued

Peak Performance

If you have already achieved a high level of excellence in your particular field it is natural that your next goal would be to attain peak performance. Peak performance is quite simply the ability to perform to your optimum potential. While we tend to think of peak performance in the context of athletics, it can … Continued

Occupational Burnout

The problem of stress has reached epidemic proportions in our modern world, affecting every area our lives including work. When we are exposed to work-related stress over an extended period of time it can result in what’s commonly known as ‘burnout’. Burnout occurs when the demands that are made upon us over the long-term become … Continued

Mid-Life Change

One day it’s life as normal. The next day we find ourselves arrested in our steps by a powerful need to begin taking stock of our lives thus far. Where has time gone? I haven’t achieved what I wanted to achieve by this age. I’m really not entirely happy with the place I’ve arrived at. … Continued

Lack of Direction

Lack of direction is closely related to lack of motivation. This is because we need a clear sense of direction concerning our desires and our goals before we can become motivated to accomplish them. A lack of direction only leads to uncertainty, confusion, and not surprisingly, a feeling of being immobilised or ‘stuck’.   If … Continued

Interview Nerves

A job interview is a potentially stress-inducing experience that we all have to face at one time or another. No matter how competent and experienced we might be, there’s the knowledge that we’re being judged and evaluated over a very short and intense period of time. And in addition to that, we’re inevitably going to … Continued

Exam Nerves

Students of all ages are under such pressure to excel these days that exams have become something to dread and are therefore the cause of much stress and anxiety. Many articles have been written describing the negative physical and emotional effects of such stress on both students and parents alike.   Hypnotherapy is an excellent … Continued