Retirement Change

For most of us, work is more than simply work. Often our identity and self-esteem are so tied up with our careers that we can’t imagine a life beyond the workplace. So it’s not unusual upon retirement for many of us to feel a lack of purpose. We might even feel that we’re no longer … Continued


Trying to lose weight can be a long and frustrating journey. Anyone who has ever tried and failed to lose weight knows what a challenge it can be. Diets are ineffective and will-power simply doesn’t work.   While diets and nutrition plans focus on what you put in your mouth and how often, hypnotherapy examines … Continued

Unwanted Habits

Unwanted habits are those that result in negative consequences relative to the lifestyle we wish to attain. These behaviours are often very difficult to overcome permanently because they are well established in the subconscious mind which believes that these habits serve some kind of positive purpose. On some level, especially after the fact, we realise … Continued


Stress is pervasive and epidemic. We all experience stress as it’s an unavoidable part of modern living. However, when you find yourself unable to cope with the level of stress in your life, this is when it negatively impacts your mental and physical health.   Stress is the result of the fight/flight response being activated … Continued


Self-confidence is foundational to success in all areas of our lives. The more self-confidence we have, the more likely we are to find happiness in all of our relationships and in our careers.   Because self-confidence is a state of mind rather than a personality trait we’re born with, it is something that must be … Continued

Negative Thinking

All of our mental activity happens internally in the form of thoughts. Any action or verbalisation is always preceded by a thought. Some of these thoughts are positive, some are negative, and some are neutral. Thankfully we have an ‘inner censor’ that ensures we don’t give voice to our every thought. But unfortunately, our inner … Continued

Mid-Life Change

One day it’s life as normal. The next day we find ourselves arrested in our steps by a powerful need to begin taking stock of our lives thus far. Where has time gone? I haven’t achieved what I wanted to achieve by this age. I’m really not entirely happy with the place I’ve arrived at. … Continued

Lack of Direction

Lack of direction is closely related to lack of motivation. This is because we need a clear sense of direction concerning our desires and our goals before we can become motivated to accomplish them. A lack of direction only leads to uncertainty, confusion, and not surprisingly, a feeling of being immobilised or ‘stuck’.   If … Continued


Insomnia is a persistent sleep disorder that makes it difficult to fall asleep, difficult to stay asleep, or both.   The quality of our sleep relates directly to the quality of our health and to our ability to function at our optimum level in our waking life. When our sleep is disrupted on a regular … Continued


Grief and loss are inevitable in life and therefore unavoidable. We experience loss in many ways throughout our lives. We can lose our pets. We lose our childhood. We lose our youth. We can lose our health. We can lose jobs, careers, and relationships we once depended upon and believed were secure. Marriages can fail, … Continued

Fears and Phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear of a particular situation, creature, or thing. A significant number of us suffer from a fear or phobia of one type or another. For some of us it can be distressing, but we manage to tolerate it with considerable anxiety. For others it can be seriously debilitating, and extreme … Continued

Fear of Flying

With more air traffic than at any other point in history, fear of flying occurs more frequently now than ever before. It is estimated that 20-40% of the population experience some form of anxiety associated with flying. In many cases the fear isn’t restricted to just the act of flying, but also to the anticipation … Continued