Exam Nerves

Students of all ages are under such pressure to excel these days that exams have become something to dread and are therefore the cause of much stress and anxiety. Many articles have been written describing the negative physical and emotional effects of such stress on both students and parents alike.   Hypnotherapy is an excellent … Continued


Anxiety can be experienced in numerous ways and at many different levels. It’s perfectly normal for most of us to experience a relatively mild form of anxiety when facing stressful situations such as a job interview, a performance, or giving a speech. However, anxiety can also be severe and seriously hinder our ability to function … Continued


Procrastination is the habit of postponing those tasks that we need to do, either to the last minute or indefinitely. When we procrastinate we’re reinforcing a behavioural pattern that has the power to be very destructive, negatively impacting both our personal and professional lives.   We can procrastinate for a variety of reasons. The task … Continued