Anxiety can be experienced in numerous ways and at many different levels. It’s perfectly normal for most of us to experience a relatively mild form of anxiety when facing stressful situations such as a job interview, a performance, or giving a speech. However, anxiety can also be severe and seriously hinder our ability to function on a day-to-day basis.


For those of you who suffer with an anxiety disorder, you’ll find you have a tendency to deliberately avoid the particular situation that triggers your anxiety. And when your freedom of choice and movement are impeded on a regular basis like this, it naturally follows that both your personal and professional lives are negatively impacted.


Hypnotherapy effectively treats a variety of anxiety disorders by:


  • enabling you to identify the root cause of your anxiety
  • eliminating the thinking patterns that trigger and perpetuate the anxiety
  • changing the way in which your mind responds to the stimuli that triggers the fight/flight response
  • changing the perception of past events that have caused anxiety and releasing the emotional attachment connected with them