Audition Nerves

Do you find yourself investing time and effort in preparing for an audition, only to find that you’re plagued by performance anxiety? Performance nerves before an audition is a common form of anxiety that affects most performers, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals. Many actors are extremely anxious about auditions, and yet successfully perform night after night in front of large audiences. Why is this so? Well, it’s based in the knowledge that one brief performance is going to be judged and evaluated on its own merit by a group of fellow professionals, at the end of which a job may or may not be forthcoming. By its very nature the audition process is a stress-producing situation in which the performer feels he or she has little or no control over the outcome.  


Hypnotherapy helps with auditions and gives you that all-important edge by:


  • enabling you to elicit a relaxation response at will
  • helping you to monitor your negative internal dialogue
  • giving you the ability to access the creative power of the subconscious mind
  • enabling you to imagine your audition as an actual performance


Just imagine how good it will feel to be calm, confident, and in control before and during each of your auditions!