Career Change

If we were to be honest with ourselves, any kind of a change in our lives represents a challenge of sorts. We are creatures of habit and we tend towards routine and predictability. It’s no surprise then that we perceive a career change as potentially one of the biggest challenges we can face and therefore the source of much stress and anxiety.


It can be intimidating to contemplate leaving the security of your present position to take on a role that will require a fresh learning curve and perhaps a new skill-set. And the older we get, the more challenging this becomes.


For most of us a large part of our identity is tied up with our profession, and the very thought of a change of roles can elicit feelings of insecurity and even fear. We might feel that we’ve established our credentials and reputation in our present position and are daunted by having to start all over again.  


Hypnotherapy can make your transition easy and effortless by:


  • addressing any underlying fears or self-doubt
  • identifying negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive inner dialogue
  • enabling you to identify and clearly understand the strategies you employed to attain success in the past
  • enabling you to boost your self-confidence through ego-strengthening suggestions
  • enabling you to remain focused and calm as you take practical steps towards your goal