Medical Anxiety

Fear of medical procedures is a very common cause for anxiety. This can range all the way from a routine visit to your doctor’s surgery for a check-up, to undergoing various invasive diagnostic tests and treatments. Very often even stepping into your doctor’s surgery is enough to trigger a degree of anxiety. If you count yourself as one of these people, then you’re not alone.


There are many possible causes of medical anxiety. These include:


  • fear of needles

  • fear of procedures

  • anxiety-inducing experiences during previous visits

  • anxiety associated with the unknown

  • anxiety associated with a feeling of invasion

  • anxiety associated with a feeling of lack of control


Hypnotherapy alleviates your anxiety associated with medical procedures by:


  • uncovering the root cause(s) of your anxiety

  • reducing and eliminating the anticipation of anxiety

  • increasing your tolerance to the medical environment

  • intensifying positive imagery around medical procedures