Fear of Flying

With more air traffic than at any other point in history, fear of flying occurs more frequently now than ever before. It is estimated that 20-40% of the population experience some form of anxiety associated with flying. In many cases the fear isn’t restricted to just the act of flying, but also to the anticipation of the flight from the planning stages, to the airport experience, right through to the end of the flight.  


Fear of flying can be a generalised anxiety or it can be more specific, such as fear of takeoff and landing, fear of turbulence, fear of an emergency landing, fear of mechanical failure, or fear of terrorism.


Hypnotherapy helps with fear of flying by:


  • uncovering the root cause(s) of your fear
  • removing the negative emotions you’ve associated with flying
  • creating positive emotions around your flight experience
  • enabling you to feel a sense of inner calm prior to and during your flight


Whether for business or for pleasure, just imagine how good it will feel to enjoy the freedom of flight!