Grief and loss are inevitable in life and therefore unavoidable. We experience loss in many ways throughout our lives. We can lose our pets. We lose our childhood. We lose our youth. We can lose our health. We can lose jobs, careers, and relationships we once depended upon and believed were secure. Marriages can fail, and death can claim a friend or loved one.


The emotional response to loss of any kind is grief. Depending on what or whom we have lost, the grieving process varies a great deal in its duration and intensity. The grieving process is a normal and healthy function that is necessary for emotional healing and is as unique as each individual who experiences it.


For some of us, grieving is a process which does not improve over time. In some cases it may even worsen, and feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, anger, or blame can take hold and persist.


Hypnotherapy helps with grief and loss by changing the way you consciously decide to think about your loss. This begins the process of closure. Your mind is very powerful, and changing your thought patterns surrounding the circumstances of your loss goes a long way towards your progress through the healing process.