Interview Nerves

A job interview is a potentially stress-inducing experience that we all have to face at one time or another. No matter how competent and experienced we might be, there’s the knowledge that we’re being judged and evaluated over a very short and intense period of time. And in addition to that, we’re inevitably going to be up against some strong competition!


Knowing how to relax and present yourself in a confident manner to your prospective employer is absolutely essential. Confidence is expressed not just by what you say, but how you say it. Confidence is reflected in your eyes, your body language, and your vocal inflections. Employers are attracted to the interviewee who is confident because it gives the impression of competence, reliability, and the ability to learn easily.


Hypnotherapy prepares you for a successful interview by enabling you to:


  • readily access a state of relaxation
  • monitor your negative internal dialogue
  • present yourself in a confident manner
  • articulate your thoughts clearly and effectively
  • enhance your ability to ‘think on the spot’


You can walk out of that next interview with the absolute assurance that you’ve put your very best foot forward!