Mid-Life Change

One day it’s life as normal. The next day we find ourselves arrested in our steps by a powerful need to begin taking stock of our lives thus far. Where has time gone? I haven’t achieved what I wanted to achieve by this age. I’m really not entirely happy with the place I’ve arrived at. I imagined that I would’ve accomplished so much more. I thought I would be wiser/happier/healthier/fitter/more financially secure/more successful in my career/more settled/better traveled/more satisfied with all aspects of my life by now. Is there still time to change/improve my life? Can I find the motivation to do so?


These are all common sentiments which can intrude rather suddenly and unannounced in our middle years. During this very natural transition period, it’s not unusual to wish to be young again, with all the years given back to us to ‘do things differently’. With such emphasis in our culture on remaining youthful, we wonder if we’re up for this ‘aging business’.


The majority of us manage to move smoothly enough through this transition, while others find it a much greater challenge. Understanding and accepting that this is a legitimate process that each of us will experience to one degree or another is the best place to begin.


Dissatisfaction with the way things are now should be viewed in a positive light. This is often a first sign that we’re willing to embrace change. Both present discontentment and an awareness that we all have limited time available to us can be powerful motivators to begin living life in a more productive and satisfying way.


Hypnotherapy helps with mid-life change by helping you to address these issues in a constructive way. You’ll discover what it is to be accepting of your progress through life thus far, to access an abiding state of optimism concerning your future, and to become excited about what lies ahead.