Negative Thinking

All of our mental activity happens internally in the form of thoughts. Any action or verbalisation is always preceded by a thought. Some of these thoughts are positive, some are negative, and some are neutral. Thankfully we have an ‘inner censor’ that ensures we don’t give voice to our every thought. But unfortunately, our inner censor doesn’t work on ourselves. And we hear every single thought we think, whether positive or negative!


Our inner dialogue or ‘self-talk’ tells us what we believe about ourselves, thereby shaping our self-image. Because our subconscious mind learns through repetition, any negative thoughts we have about ourselves become part of the foundation of poor self-esteem. Because negative thinking becomes a behavioural pattern, it is very difficult to change it consciously.


Hypnotherapy changes your negative thinking patterns by:


  • instilling new habits of mindfulness and attention to your thoughts
  • enabling you to challenge negative thoughts as they surface
  • enabling you to replace negative thinking patterns with positive ones
  • empowering you to control your thought life


When you have your thought life under control, all aspects of life have the potential for change!