Occupational Burnout

The problem of stress has reached epidemic proportions in our modern world, affecting every area our lives including work. When we are exposed to work-related stress over an extended period of time it can result in what’s commonly known as ‘burnout’. Burnout occurs when the demands that are made upon us over the long-term become greater than our capacity to cope with them.  


The inevitable result of this ongoing externally and internally-generated mental and emotional stress is that your body and/or your mind will be forced to shut down. By the time this has happened, both your immune system and your emotional state have become compromised.


Hypnotherapy helps with occupational burnout by:


  • addressing the source(s) of your work-related stress
  • enabling you to set boundaries with regards to your emotional and physical health
  • enabling you to examine the areas that require a new set of coping skills
  • giving you the clarity of thought to strategise with a view to making changes in key areas
  • helping you to set new goals with regards to your occupation
  • teaching you to access a relaxation response at will, in order to facilitate your return to emotional and physical health