Retirement Change

For most of us, work is more than simply work. Often our identity and self-esteem are so tied up with our careers that we can’t imagine a life beyond the workplace. So it’s not unusual upon retirement for many of us to feel a lack of purpose. We might even feel that we’re no longer of value, and so our self-esteem can also take a blow.   


Perhaps we haven’t retired yet, but the thought of it fills us with apprehension. As creatures of habit tending towards order and predictability, how can we then navigate such a change? Retirement is a dramatic life change and, as such, requires a certain amount of advance consideration and planning. Nevertheless, there will inevitably be an adjustment period. Understanding that this process presents yet another learning curve in life goes a long way towards enabling us to adapt ourselves to the change.


Despite the challenges, retirement has the potential to be the best part of our lives.We now know more about life, about ourselves, and about others than we have ever known. Now we finally have more time for leisure, for the pursuit of hobbies, or for developing our interests.


Hypnotherapy will help you transition comfortably into retirement by:


  • helping you to achieve clarity of thought around what it is you want from this next stage of your life
  • helping you to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones
  • helping you to identify your interests
  • enabling you to set goals for your retirement years
  • enabling you to see retirement as a time of ‘new beginnings’


It just might be that your most enjoyable years are yet to come!