Sports Performance

The most overused cliche in professional sport is that 90% of performance is mental. If this is the case, why is it that most coaches and athletes spend the vast majority of their time working on the physical aspects of their sport? They almost always neglect the one area that ultimately separates elite athletes from those who do not reach their full potential.  


The difference at the highest level in sports always comes down to the mindset of the athlete. Sports hypnosis helps athletes to reach their true potential without being held back by obstacles at a subconscious level. Our thoughts influence our actions, and our actions influence our thoughts. One of the most common mistakes athletes make is that they focus upon a recent poor performance rather than remembering successful past performances. It has been proved that what you put your attention on tends to amplify it in your awareness. This produces a negative feedback loop that’s established at the subconscious level, causing a mental block to performance.  


As the subconscious mind is what drives most of our beliefs and behaviors, it makes perfect sense to utilise a technique which produces change at the subconscious level. Hypnosis is such a technique and has a proven track record in professional sport.


Benefits of hypnosis for Sports Performance include:


  • removal of any subconscious mental blocks
  • an increase in your ability to focus and concentrate
  • control of your inner dialogue
  • a decrease in your awareness of unimportant external stimuli
  • enhanced sensory awareness and muscle control
  • increased confidence and self-belief


With hypnosis you can achieve a level of excellence beyond what you previously thought possible!