Stage Fright

At some point in your career, most of you who perform on the stage are going to be affected by stage fright. And it’s how you respond to this challenge that will inevitably determine the level of success you’ll achieve. It may be that you’ve always struggled with stage fright in some form, or that you’ve only recently experienced it. Perhaps you’re coping, but the strain is having a negative effect on your performance and your wellbeing.  


You might be surprised to know that you’re already using self-hypnosis without even realising it. This occurs when you lose yourself in a performance, when you push aside worries to get on with the show, and when you get into character. All of these instances have elements of the hypnotic trance, including focused awareness, time distortion, and mental rehearsal. These skills and experiences that you already possess put you in a good position to benefit from hypnotherapy for stage fright.  


As an actor you know what it feels like to enter the slipstream of inspired creativity. This is where your best work happens. Here there is no fear. Hypnotherapy will enable you to access this state regularly. This is because it helps you to regain control of your thoughts and feelings, so you can enter a state of calm.


Hypnotherapy helps to conquer stage fright by:


  • replacing your negative thinking patterns with positive ones
  • teaching you to self-manage any fear or anxiety as it presents itself
  • teaching you to access a relaxation response when you anticipate the performance
  • teaching you to bring this relaxation response into the particular performance
  • improving your learning time and recall
  • enabling you to access the ‘creative flow’ necessary for confident and inspired performance