Stress is pervasive and epidemic. We all experience stress as it’s an unavoidable part of modern living. However, when you find yourself unable to cope with the level of stress in your life, this is when it negatively impacts your mental and physical health.


Stress is the result of the fight/flight response being activated inappropriately. Unlike our ancient ancestors who had to either fight or run for their lives in order to remain at the top of the food chain, we’re not able to resolve many of our modern-day stressors by either fighting or running away. This means that we’re unable to use the stress chemicals our bodies are producing. When this happens on an ongoing basis, ill health is the inevitable result.


The antidote to stress is to initiate what is referred to as the relaxation response. This activates the sympathetic nervous system which rids our body of those harmful stress chemicals and returns it to pre-stress levels.


Often it’s not actually the situation itself that is the direct cause of stress, but the way we react to it. The reason that hypnotherapy is such an effective way of combatting stress is that it can alter your perception of the stressor. In hypnosis, your negative reaction to the stressor is replaced with a positive one, thereby bringing the relaxation response into play. Your perception of the stressful event is now changed because the emotional charge attached to it is dissipated. When you then experience that situation in real life, you’ll find that you no longer react in the same way.


As well as being taught self-hypnosis, you’ll be equipped with the tools to help you effectively strategise and self-manage the stress in your life.