Unwanted Habits

Unwanted habits are those that result in negative consequences relative to the lifestyle we wish to attain. These behaviours are often very difficult to overcome permanently because they are well established in the subconscious mind which believes that these habits serve some kind of positive purpose. On some level, especially after the fact, we realise that this is not so. However, we can feel powerless to control ourselves in that moment of decision.


Unwanted habits can affect our self-confidence, hinder our motivation, affect our relationships, and even prevent us from attaining the life we desire.


Hypnotherapy helps to eliminate unwanted habits by enabling you to:


  • become aware of your conscious choices regarding your habit
  • take responsibility for your choices
  • set achievable goals with regards to your needs and desires
  • replace unwanted habits with habits that are healthy and rewarding


With hypnotherapy it’s really possible to banish your unwanted habits and put yourself back in control of your life.